Add Role to user without creating Endpoint Account

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I have an Endpoint App A and I created an Application Role and assigned it to App A.

When the Role is requested, I want to see if the Account creation for Endpoint App A can be bypassed or the task discontinued for a particular Role.  Most Roles will need to be added to the Endpoint and provisioned and the Account is needed, but one Role just needs the user added.

I would put this in another Endpoint, but the Role being in App A does make it easy for end users to follow and not have to know to go to another endpoint for certain Roles. 

Can this be done?



Considering this is connected application. You can use customproperty of role n mention some keyword like 'NOACCOUNTTASK'

in createAccountJSON mention if NOACCOUNTTASK Call API without hitting target (REST), DB call simple sql like select date from users 


Thanks for the response.  I was looking at updating the CreateAccountJSON as you mentioned and was hoping there was a configuration option to get this done. 

This is a soap connection, so I will need to research the JSON for the syntax to do this.

Can you post logic added 

I have not put logic in yet, but believe this is the solution.