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SAP Account creation

I am trying to create SAP account from saviynt. I am trying to update Valid To field in SAP with value "31.12.9999". I am using below JSON but its getting failed. How can I add? {"ADDRESS": {"LASTNAME": "${user.lastname}","FIRSTNAME": "${user.firstna...

Asis by New Contributor
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Zoom Connector Saviynt

Hello I am working on configuring Zoom connector but have few doubts before proceeding further that I would like to clear:1. In the guide it is stated that for Reconciliation and Managing Access the objects in scope are (Group, Roles), I want to unde...

Amar by New Contributor
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Resolved! If-else Condition not working in CreateTicket JSON for REST Connection

We are trying to add the if else condition for the Subject line in our ticketing tool. We are trying to change the subject line based on the action taken in the ARS page.The JSON we are using is:{   "call":[      {         "name":"call1",         "co...

PRATYUSH1 by New Contributor II
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Onboarding application with hierarchical roles

We're onboarding an application called Snyk, which has a hierarchy within.  When a user signs into the Snyk application, there are two "Groups," and within an individual group, there are multiple "Organizations". Each Organization contains "Projects....

ugudiya by New Contributor
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Resolved! Cyberark SCIM Connector for PVWA

Hi,The Cyberark SCIM connector (known as Cyberark Connector in Saviynt) requires information in the connection JSON. The example connection JSON given only provides a means to use a username and password with the SCIM connector and not a bearer token...

chrispable by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Rest connector Offset Pagination

For the Rest connector, how do I configure the Offset Pagination totalCountPath attribute for the example response (see below) where the response contains the total number of records in the attribute "@odata.count". Next Page URLs are not available f...

Paul_Meyer by Regular Contributor
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ConnectionJson Salesforce

Hi There-We have a need to create a REST Connector to our Salesforce instance to obtain entitlements that are stored in a custom object. I am able to run the required APIs through Postman. However, when I convert the calls into the connectionJson, so...

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kyle by New Contributor
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