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We want to create an analytic to generate a report which shows which users are assigned to which SAV role. But I am unable to find any table in data analyser where SAV role name is an attribute.How can I create such an analytic?
Our ADSI Full Account Recon Job with the following warning:Warning - Account threshold breachedThis is the first time we have encounted this issue and we don't know how to resolve this.Please help.
How long does it take for a SC 2.0 server to be out of service before Saviynt fails over to the backup server?Our Saviynt SC 2.0 server did not failover to our backup even after 10 mins of our main SC 2.0 server being down.If you can point to some do...
We are running a custom query in Saviynt to delete all user and account data in Saviynt following a period of time  after user's end date. We wanted to know if there is any way to:1. Reset the Saviynt instance to a previous point in time.2. Restore u...
We are trying to set up a Service Account in Saviynt so that an application can access data in Saviynt. We are having a problem that even after creating Service Account and giving it the appropriate SAV Role, it is still giving us 401 in Postman.Whil...
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