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Provisioning Account along with Tickets

Hello,We have a requirement where we want to create an account through Provisioning Task along with one Ticket (in SNOW or Jira) so that application team do additional activity on account to fulfil the creation process.If we have such requirement, ca...

AP by New Contributor
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AD Group assignment

Hi, I need to assign an AD group to users as per the value of a customproperty in user's profile.I know this can be achieved easily with a technical rule but there is a combination of over 40 different AD groups available and I feel that it would cre...

JasBel by New Contributor II
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Set mobile phone in SAP

Hi,we are trying to provision mobile phone number to SAP via SAP connector. For that purpose we added the following bit to CREATEACCOUNTJSON:"ADDTEL": {"TELEPHONE": "${user.secondaryPhone}","R_3_USER": "3"},according to docs of BAPI_USER_CREATE1, thi...

ASA by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! SAP SNC not updating

Hi,in SAP we have an UPDATEACCOUNTJSON like this:{"ADDRESS": {"LASTNAME": "${user.lastname}","FIRSTNAME": "${user.firstname}","BUILDING_P": "${user.customproperty10}","TEL1_NUMBR": "${user.phonenumber}","DEPARTMENT": "${user.departmentname}","E_MAIL"...

ASA by Regular Contributor
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D365 F&O Organization provisioning

For the D365 F&O connector the connector guide does not have any details regarding additional configuration that seems to be required for the ootb "Adding an organization for a Security role" feature.The AddAccessJSON config for the "Organizations" (...

Paul_Meyer by Regular Contributor
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