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ARS - Mirror Request

We have the following requirement: When a user requests access to endpoint A (Production) we need the request to automatically be duplicated in endpoint B (UAT). This would include the account creation as well as duplicating which entitlements were r...

Usage Analytics - No Record Found

Hi,I have a similar issue as topic starting the usage analytics and filling in account & entitlement details the result is always the message: ...

DavidK by New Contributor III
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SAV role Analytics

Hi TeamI have created one custom SAV role (ROLE_UAR) and adding all created analytics in Analytics tab.Use case is while i assign this role to any user i want the user only can see the analytics which has been added as part of the ROLE_UAR (SAV role)...

ARNAB86 by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Usage Analytics - No Data

Hello, We want to configure the Usage Analytics but we have no data. The usage data is required to calculate Actual vs Potential. We have SOD rulesets defined, ran the SOD evaluation, but the Actual vs Potential calculation is not happening, even if ...

Miha by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Can't change query in analytics

If I go to "Analytics Configuration List", open a previously created SQL analytics and click "Edit", I can't see (and change) the SQL query in the analytics.I'm pretty sure this worked in the past. Can anyone tell what this might be depended on?If I ...

ASA by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! SAP Tables needed for TCODE Usage

Hi,we'd like to run role mining on SAP TCODE level and incorporate usage data.What I couldn't find in docs is which tables are needed in SAP import to have that data available for role mining.My guess is we need at least SWNCMONIINDEX but maybe someo...

ASA by Regular Contributor II
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