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Resolved! SOD Evaluated Requests Approval Workflow Issue

Hi All,We have a 2 level appproval workflow configured for an application where in the first level approval is setup for SOD Risk Owners if there are any SOD violations detected and the second level is setup for Ent Owner if the entitlement is soxcri...

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SPP by New Contributor II
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Emergency Access Request IDs

Hello,We are currently trying to implement Emergency Access Request IDs for SAP applications and we have the following questions related to this topic:1. We have followed all the configuration that we found in Saviynt documentation but we still are n...

Resolved! Preprocessor query Case problem Help needed

Hello Team, I am setting companyName =AB if employeetype is Employee OR interns , else companyname=nullTried following and not working , can someone help me correct, I tried couple of changes not working, logs attached?{"ADDITIONALTABLES": {"USERS": ...

mbh_it by Regular Contributor II
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How to upload the SOD ruleset where the minimum value that has to be determined in runtime

Hello Team we have some min values in the SOD ruleset whose values are dynamically picked as they have * in them but that does not seem to be working in Saviynt as expected  For example --> There are field values such as BUKRS and for this field we c...


Resolved! Microservice Job with HTTP Error 400

Hi,the Microservice Job in a new instance is failing with a 400 Bad Request:DEBUG jobs.MicroserviceJob - MicroserviceJob start @ Mon Mar 13 11:24:08 UTC 2023"DEBUG microservice.MicroserviceApiCallService - Inside apiCall() method.."DEBUG generic.Gene...

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ASA by Regular Contributor II
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Resolved! Removing Application

I have added an application to my development instance of EIC. I used the Application Management interface under the Design section. This was a learning process and some things went wrong while setting the JSON configs. I would like to delete the app...