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SOD Violation for pending requests

Hi,We have a client requirement for preventative SOD violation detection between two separate requests.Eg. If a user raises a Request 1 and Selects Role A and Role B. Role A and Role B does not have any SOD Violation. While  Request 1 is in pending s...

SoD violation with same function

Hello All,We have a scenario for one application that has 10 entitlements (ent1 - ent10) in one group, and if a user is request access or has access to any one of them from the group they cannot request another one from the same group.So to achieve t...

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Resolved! Comments overwritten after SOD job run.

Hi Team,We observed that comments were getting overwritten in the violation after the SOD job ran.Before the SOD job run, any violation appeared through the preventative method. The comments were written as created per request number #####.After the ...

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ssingh16 by New Contributor III
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Oracle EBS Org Unit Responsibility Assignment Support

Does Saviynt support the ability to reconcile the Oracle EBS Responsibility assignments at the Organizational Unit level? If so, is there a way to incorporate these OU assignments into the SOD analysis so that it would eliminate false positives?Consi...

Hank by New Contributor II
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