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Need Help: SAP Role Description Not Showing in SOD Evaluation via API

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hello Saviynt Community,

I'm encountering an issue with SAP role descriptions not appearing in the Segregation of Duties (SOD) evaluation within our Saviynt platform vis API (SoD Evaluation for SAP Functions). Instead, under entitlement description, we are seeing descriptions of TCODES, which are child entitlements.

Could someone kindly assist me in resolving this matter or provide guidance on how to configure our setup to ensure that SAP role descriptions are displayed correctly in the SOD evaluation?

Any insights, tips, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Please find the sample response below, here as you can see, we can see the child entitlement description whereas parent Role description is missing. is there any way to retrieve the same?

"errorCode": "0",
"message": "{" SOD ":[{" RiskId ":2866," Description ":" Basis Development & System Administration "," Available_MitigatingControls ":[]," Priority ":0," Risk ":" X_B001 "," Functions ":[{" FunctionName ":" X_BS02 "," Description ":" Basis Development "," Entitlements ":[{" Role ":" 1234 "," APPLICATION ":" SAP 1234 "," EntitlementDisplayName ":" "," ParentRole ":"[1234]"," EntitlementDescription ":" ABCD "," Entitlement ":"[ABCD, DEFG]"},{" Role ":" 1234 " APPLICATION ": " SAP 1234 ",
" EntitlementDisplayName ": " ",
" ParentRole ": "[1234]",
"EntitlementDescription ": " ABCD,DEFG ",
" Entitlement ": "[ABCD,DEFG]"




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @rahul_shetty 

Thanks for contacting Saviynt Forums.

As per the API documentation, I can see there is no sample response provided for SOD evaluation job for SAP functions.  However, the sample response provided for non-SAP functions also doesn't contain Role Description. 

Saviynt Enterprise Identity Cloud API Reference v23.5 (

Hence it seems to be expected behavior only. I will check further on this internally and let you know.


Dhruv Sharma