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Password Policy-Max repeated characters

Dear Team The regex used for the AD password policy is as below: (?=.*\d)(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[~!@#%^&?]).{16,16} Along with this, the attribute for Max repeated characters is updated as -2 However, at the time of generating the password- few p...


PAM- How to cancel future Authorization request?

Hello,We have a scenario where user submitted authorization accidently for future time slot and when checked we don't see any option to cancel the authorization request. The system does not allow to submit another authorization request as well. It on...

piyushm by Regular Contributor II
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Azure connection configuration error

We encountered the following error while configuring the Azure connection. Could someone please check and assist us? Additionally, could anyone provide step-by-step instructions for Azure PAM?Attached logs below for additional error details.Error:202...

Nagendra by New Contributor II
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Actionable Email template for PAM requests

We are trying to setup the one level manager approval workflow and configuring the Actionable email template for the Same, just want to know how to bring the PAM type, Business justification, commands, and Start and end time/date in the email? in Dat...

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56723 by New Contributor III
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Windows on-prem workload bootstrap Error

Hi Team, We are experiencing difficulties bootstrapping Windows on-prem workloads. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please reply to us. 1. We are in the process of bootstrapping a Windows on-prem workload. Before bootstrapping, we are attem...

Nagendra by New Contributor II
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Resolved! PAM Enabled Linux Endpoint

 Hello,We are trying to Enable the PAM feature for a specific Linux Instance. However, when we run the PAM bootstrap job, it didn't turn ON the PAM. Now it's throwing an error when we try to modify the Configuration on the PAM Attributes tab of the e...

mgra by New Contributor III
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PAM bootstrapping failed for Domain Accounts

Hi, need help for PAM bootstrapping the AD domain accountssteps done so far:1. AD master connector setup complete with a domain admin account. template used is AD PAM for on-prem AD.2. AD domain accounts are imported successfully and are listed in th...

Account Visibility Feature

We have a requirement to Grant access to authorized users and restrict access to unauthorized users. So I have created two Enterprise Roles: ITSecurity_PAMUsers and PAM_TEST_ROLEThe goal is that the ITSecurity_PAMUsers should only be the one who has ...

mgra by New Contributor III
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Windows Master Account Connector Failed

Hi,Please can you suggest on the below error for Windows Master Account Connector.Steps done so far:1. Server pre-requisites completed and verified as per the Saviynt Windows on-prem guide2. master connection setup with local admin account3. Master c...

Resolved! PAM Enablement : Windows Local Users

Hello,When we run the bootstrap job, it reconciles all the AWS instances and created a Security System, endpoint, and connection for each. But it doesn't import the local user accounts that are created on the target instance. Moreover, looking at the...

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mgra by New Contributor III
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