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Issue with OOTB CPAM Analytics present under Intelligence--->Analytics Configuration List

New Contributor II
New Contributor II
Hi All
There are currently 31 Analytics Report under PAMOwner sub-category. We are trying to fetch these Analytics Reports via Intelligence-->Analytics Configuration List--->under sub-category: PAMOwner. 
However, we can see that some of the OOTB Analytics Reports are displaying incorrect data. For instance,' All Privileged Accounts' Analytics, there is no data getting displayed in this Report which is incorrect, we have 30 privileged accounts currently present in Saviynt. This scenario is same with a lot of other reports.
Can someone please help?

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@aryan9975 Thanks for posting your question. Please try the below query and see if it is bringing the expected accounts. This will bring all privileged accounts except for Just In Time accounts

SELECT ac.ACCOUNTKEY AS ID, ac.accountid AS 'accountid', ac.NAME AS 'Account Name',ac.accounttype AS 'Account Type', ep.ENDPOINTNAME AS 'EndpointName', ep.DISPLAYNAME AS 'Endpoint Display Name', epp.PLATFORM_TYPE AS 'PLATFORM' FROM accounts ac INNER JOIN endpoints ep ON ac.ENDPOINTKEY=ep.ENDPOINTKEY AND ep.status = 1 AND ac.status IN (1,'Manually Provisioned') AND ((ac.accounttype IS NOT NULL AND ac.accounttype != '') AND ac.ACCOUNTCONFIG LIKE '%"pamState":"ENABLED"%') AND (ac.accountconfig NOT LIKE '%"justInTime":"true"%') INNER JOIN endpoints_properties epp ON ep.ENDPOINTKEY = epp.ENDPOINTKEY;


Nagesh K