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CPAM setup with Azure

Hello Everyone,If you have configured CPAM setup with Azure, could you please provide/share "PAM config" JSON and any reference links or process steps would be appreciated. Thanks in advance....Thanks,                                                 ...

Actionable Email template for PAM requests

We are trying to setup the one level manager approval workflow and configuring the Actionable email template for the Same, just want to know how to bring the PAM type, Business justification, commands, and Start and end time/date in the email? in Dat...

for email template.png
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CPAM Onboarding scope

1. can we manage SAP applications and service accounts using Saviynt CPAM ?2. what will be the emergency access process when the CPAM application is down (assuming all its failover instances are down too)

Resolved! PAM Enabled Linux Endpoint

 Hello,We are trying to Enable the PAM feature for a specific Linux Instance. However, when we run the PAM bootstrap job, it didn't turn ON the PAM. Now it's throwing an error when we try to modify the Configuration on the PAM Attributes tab of the e...


CPAM implementation with only SC 2.0

We are trying to implement CPAM to protect workloads in GCP, AWS , Azure & on-perm. Saviynt SC 2.0 client is already deployed. Can we do discovery & bootstrapping automatically or should we be using Saviynt Discovery tool to scan & onboard ? 

lionelrl by New Contributor
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Resolved! PAM Bootstrapping Non-Shared Accounts

Hello,We have an implementation that requires no shared accounts be used. Is there a way to bootstrap endpoints that doesn't use shared local/domain accounts and only uses unique domain accounts as the privileged access method?So instead of user's us...

jdfranco by New Contributor III
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Binding Variable for Privilege ID in PAM Request

Hi,Is there any way to fetch the Privilege ID names from a Privileged Access Request?.Suppose, I raised a Privileged Access Request for three privilege ID, I need to fetch their names in the Email Template.Here, is an output of :${this.binding.variab...

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Resolved! PAM Certification

Hi Team,We would like to understand how best we might configure a Privileged Access Cert in Saviynt to review high risk access.Do we have any article on PAM certification in saviynt?If yes, plz provide the link.Regards,Ekata

Ekata by New Contributor II
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Account Visibility Feature

We have a requirement to Grant access to authorized users and restrict access to unauthorized users. So I have created two Enterprise Roles: ITSecurity_PAMUsers and PAM_TEST_ROLEThe goal is that the ITSecurity_PAMUsers should only be the one who has ...

baseurl for a Job using Invoke extension JAR

Hi,i created a job to onboard on-prem workloads using Invoke Extension JAR Job(External JAR), however this job is always failing. can anyone please explain what should be the baseurl and EVQuery in the Arguments JSON.{"url":"<baseurl>","filepath":"/s...

Oushat by New Contributor
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CPAM Feature Evaluation

We're evaluating Saviynt features and creating some testing documentation, can someone provide more information on the following? 1. Saviynt can assume role to create a security group and attach it to any instance. If an intrusion is detected in the ...