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CPAM Request Privilege Access

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor


In Privilege Access Management request screen, the user post selecting ID can select request time frame, the time frame starts from current timestamp to future default time that is configured. Is it possible to default time frame to start from 00:00:00 AM start time of the day of the request?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @rituparna_pwc ,


It is not possible to adjust the default time frame to show in the request. Can you please elaborate on the business requirement here??

If we're raising a request at 5:30 pm for a PAM session, it shows the time frame available ahead for you to select. So kindly let us know why showing the day from 00:00 for the request day is required here.



@pruthvi_t ,


Our business requirement is due to audit and compliance policies no firefighter request should be allowed spilling to next day. If we are setting requestable time to 4 hours then any request post 8pm will spill to next day . That's the reason we wanted to check if the start time can be defaulted to 00:00:00