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Saviynt CPAM - Azure Instance

Hi,I need to build just in time access for privileged account to get added to roles in Azure AD. Can someone provide details on how to setup and what are the custom configurations needed on the saviynt side and their ETA to get App Launcher added to ...

Importing Secrets to CPAM

We have requirement where we need to migrate secrets from Delinea to Saviynt CPAMis there a way manually to upload the secrets into Saviynt CPAM?Kindy let us know, Is there any documentation or related info to share with. It is little urgent requirem...

Need details on failover scenarios

Hi team, We are in design phase, so would like to understand the below failover scenarios, any information related to the same will be helpful. Appreciate quick responses. 1) Network connectivity lost between client environment and saviynt nework. Ho...

CPAM- Postgres DB permissions

Hi Team, As per documentation below permissions are to be granted to Postgres DB account. Pls share steps to grant permissions to postgresql DB.  let us consider database name as SavintTestDB and  account used in connector in  testaccount.• List all ...

Manju_SL by New Contributor II
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Remote App Script developement

Hi Team, Customer policy does not allow freeware installation, so could not install AutoIT software.  Pls suggest  alternate licensed softwares  which can be used for remoteapp development. Thanks, Manju V

Manju-v by New Contributor
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Information regarding RDS

Hi Team, Can anyone please help me with the following questions.1) Does cloud services like salesforce need access via RDS? What are all the target systems can be integrated via RDS?2) How are app to app integration, API/client token managed in CPAM ...

Connection failure for AD_PAM

Hi Team,   We are trying to setup PAM for active directory in our instance. I have used ADPAM template for it and we have SSL certificate and Credential vault but for some reason we are unable to set up the connection.  I have attached the logs for t...

Mortal by Regular Contributor
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How to Disable the session recording?

We have use case where we have to disable session recording for particular AWS endpoints and couldn't find any docs related to this, can anyone help us on how to disable the session recording?

RMJ by New Contributor III
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Azure VM onboarding into CPAM

Hi Team, We're in the process of integrating Azure VMs with CPAM. The initial step involves importing entitlements using a CSV file containing VM details. Can you please confirm the type of entitlement we should consider? Regards,Shravan [This post ...

Shravan by New Contributor
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AzureAD connector Secret ID rotation

Hi folks,We have configured the ootb Azure AD connector with client ID and secret ID. This secret ID, which is used in both the Azure AD connector and the Azure AD REST connector, expires every 6 months in our Azure environment.We'd like to inquire i...

Workflow Error

Hi Team, Workflow for Level 1 Manager Approval looks good, however, we are still getting error and the task is going into pending state. 2023-11-23T17:06:18+08:00-ecm-log.LogUserLoginsService-http-nio-8080-exec-48-DEBUG-UserLogins login for loginkey=...

Priya by New Contributor
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Need some help in SC2.0 connectivity related query

Hi All,I have some query regarding Saviynt SC2.0 Client Connectivity can anyone please help me with below query-1.Regarding the deployment, can anyone confirm that the Saviynt Cloud instance is in high availability mode so that must also deploy two i...

SIRAJMOLLA by New Contributor III
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JIT in linux not working

Hi all,I attempt to connect to a Linux server via JIT. Upon approval, my task is stuck at pending.I went in to check the logs. However, it seem that the previous UnixDeprovisioningService is not doing its job after JIT session ended. This result in t...

lonetlove by New Contributor
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AWS Autodiscovery steps clarification

Hi Team, Please find the enclosed AWS discovery document.  Pls clarify were the SaviyntAWSStackPAM.bat is to be executed. What are the permissions required to execute SaviyntAWSStackPAM.bat.   Also, how customer can update and maintain the Lambda fun...

Manju_v by New Contributor
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Resolved! Oracle OS Supported?

Hi Community, I'm planning to launch Saviynt on a broad scale in my organization but I'm not sure these nodes support bootstrapping for PAM. Please confirm for me:Oracle Linux Server release 6.5Oracle Linux Server release 6.10Oracle Linux 6Oracle Lin...

jpuran by New Contributor
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Getting started with CPAM

Hello, We just purchased CPAM. How do we get started? Is it recommended to have new SC2.0 tunnels provisioned? Will there be performance impacts for using the existing tunnels?

igaravi by Regular Contributor
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Achieved Recoding Retention Period

I understand that Saviynt CPAM allow recording to be available for 1 Year after which it is moved to a archive location and incase if a customer need a recording older then 1 year then they need to reach out to Saviynt support for retrieving the reco...

BT by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! CPAM Session and Approval Workflow

1) Does Saviynt CPAM terminate session if it is left inactive for a long period?2) Does Saviynt CPAM provide warning message to user when the session is about to expire?3) Does Saviynt CPAM support approval workflow to a particular person or group of...

BT by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Real time alert

Does Saviynt provide Real time alert in case suspicious activity is detected such as attempt to run restricted commands or trying to reset password directly through system after taking a session of the server?

BT by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Web URL Connection's through Saviynt CPAM

Can we connect to web URL through Saviynt CPAM , if the account is stored in Saviynt .for example connecting to organizations  Facebook or LinkedIn through account stored in PAM (credential less) if so please share steps.Can we also connect to a URL ...

BT by Regular Contributor
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RoadMap on SUSE Linux flavor for CPAM support

We all know that saviynt won’t support SUSE Linux OS as of now, but we want to know the road map for SUSU OS flavor to get supported as we 1000+ servers with SUSU OS.What is other way or use case we can utilize for SuSE OS to onboard in to CPAM for S...

RXM611 by New Contributor
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CPAM API 403 error

Hi,We are trying to use CPAM v6 API to terminate a Privileged user session.But the API Call is giving us 403 error. We have assigned all the API access that exists in saviynt 23.7 version to the API user SAV role. We are using "{url}/ECM/api/login" t...

CPAM Disaster Recovery - Need information

Hi,We need clarification on the CPAM Vault disaster recovery process-In the event that the primary vault becomes unavailable, is there an automatic or manual failover to the DR vault?We can only find documentation related to the breakglass procedure....

Pooja by New Contributor II
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test hashicorp connectivity from EIC

Hi,i configured an AD connection which is working successfully, however when i add  hashicorp connection to it to save credentials in hashicorp vault, the connection is failing.could you please guide me on how to test connectivity between EIC and has...

Oushat by New Contributor
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Emergency Access Role - Custom Query Workflow

Hi Folks,We have created several emergency roles in Saviynt and attached AD groups as entitlement. We are currently planning a workflow where the customer wants the approvers to be in a user group. Each emergency role has a different set of approvers...

Need to generate report which could give active account not checked-out for last 12 months

Hi Team, Client is looking for active accounts who are not utilizing CPAM license (basically not performing Check-out). To find the same, We ran a report (Detected - Dormant Accounts of active users in the last 6 months) using sql query which could f...

Control Center Custom Topic

Hi All,I have created a Custom Topic(Named as CPAM) in Control Center in SSM Owner Persona, created the Books and respective KPI and associated them as well. As a role Admin I can view the Newly created topic and associated Data.Now the requirement i...

Vishwa by New Contributor
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CPAM Configuration

Hello,We are setting up credential less CPAM for SAP Connector for SAP Web post configuring PAM attributes and bootstrapping the account it shows up under Privileged Access Menu.The confusion is, as per documentation and other forum posts, the app la...

ATTN: Turbocharging CPAM Implementations

Saviynt recently began a focused enablement program to approach CPAM implementations in a structured way.  The program completed 2 cohorts certifying multiple partners and one customer for CPAM implementation. The program demystifies the implementati...

NageshK by Saviynt Employee
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