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How to give view request history access for all to a SAV Role but not allowing them to discontinue requests raised by others. 
The Enduser SAVRole gets Access Denied on clicking MyDownload, we have users who would need to access MyDownload page to get exported data. I was unable to find any features or permissions related to it.  Can anyone help me please here?MyDownload is ...
Hello, WE have created a SAVRole where we have added feature of Pending Approvals but when the approver is clicking on Multi Approve, the request is failing. 
Currently, Saviynt Add Access task do not get created when account status is inactive. Most customer wants Future Dated joiners to get created in active state and open door for their supervisor to request access on behalf of the joiner from Saviynt b...
On running Detective SoD Job, we see open violations on SoD dashboard violation list.We navigate to SoD -> SoD Violation list but the table shows account name column as blank. What is Saviynt printing in Account Name column? All accounts in Saviynt h...
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