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ImportAccountJson - Processing types

In the "ImportAccountEntJson" of a REST Connector what is the difference between the "processingTypes" -1) acctToEntMapping & httpAccToEnt Mapping.2) acctToEntMapping & entToAcct Mapping.Please explain the difference & when we use them, in a short wa...

Resolved! Checkbox dynamic attribute default value

Hi,do you know how to set a default value for a checkbox dynamic attribute as False?I have created a new dynamic attribute with the type "checkbox" and by default on the form it is "checked". How to make it unchecked by default?I was trying to assign...

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Olesia by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Adding user to multiple Organizations

Hi If using the TPAG module, is it possible to add multiple organizations to a user?Or vice versa - have a user associated with multiple organizations/vendors? This can be a valid scenario in some business use cases.If possible, then any suggestions ...

rohit_gl by New Contributor
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Time stamp in Entitlement_usage report

Hi,We have analytics created for SAP endpoint wherein the report which is generated has the startdate and enddate which is taken from the table entitlement_usage.Currently the report doesn't give us the exact time stamp of the transaction.For eg: We ...

Resolved! Advantages & capabilities of TPAG

Hello Experts, Even I am looking for the details like advantages & capabilities. I couldn't find these info from FD document. It just explaining how we can create and update organization. We can see license required for TPAG but organization is avail...

JB by New Contributor III
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Resolved! WorkPlace Meta Integration with Saviynt

We want to integrate workplace Meta with Saviynt using REST API.It works fine from Postman but from Saviynt getting 403 Error both during Account Creation and Account Import.Error for Recon:2023-05-10/22:30:18.887 [{}] [quartzScheduler_Worker-2] DEBU...

Need to understand task status

Below are the different task status listed in the saviynt documentation but want to understand on how/when tasks are marked as per below status. Because when the task is not provisioned and all provisioning tries are complete even task status show as...

Mani by New Contributor
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Resolved! AD account creation with user's manager's BU

Hi Experts, There is one requirement during creation of the external user's account in Ad we want to pass manager's business unit id(stored in CP1). Note: external user we are receiving via SNOW api request. can we achieve this in AD connector itself...