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Rename an AD Group and OU question

Hi,Is there the ability to rename an AD group within the Saviynt portal yet. I have viewed a 2020 post that stated it was not available but would be coming in future releases. We are currently on 24.2.Also, if you add the below query to the AD connec...

Huddos by New Contributor III
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Organization Update Rule - Custom Action

Hi team, We are implementing a parent-child linkage in organization. The parent organization represents the overarching entity, while the child organizations denote specific engagements under that parent organization. Currently, we need to configure ...

gokul by Regular Contributor
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Validation of customer in createUserRequest API

Hi, We are creating identities by utilizing createUserRequest API call. However, identity is getting provisioned after approval even if we send non-existing organization in API call. Is there a way to add validation of customer existence while callin...

dvijay by New Contributor II
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Filter getOrganization API JSON response

Hi,We are trying to retrieve organizations list based on orgquery filter and display as drop down in external HTML form. JSON response from {{url}}/ECM/{{path}}/getOrganization contains lot of data about each organization. However, we would like to r...

dvijay by New Contributor II
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Organization import using REST API connector

Hi,We are trying to import organization details using REST API, however we don't find any config parameters in connection to create mappings and import/create organizations as in AD/LDAP connectors.Workflow: Source-->Saviynt (using REST API connectio...

dvijay by New Contributor II
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Resolved! SFTP connection information

Hi,We are trying to create a SFTP connection. Initially it was failing with invalid private key error. However we asked SFTP team to open the SFTP firewall ports for everyone, then the connection was successful.Now we need give the saviynt address to...

HarishG by Regular Contributor
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Elastic Stack - REST API Update Role Mapping

Hello folks,There is this app called Elastic Stack and below is the User to Role structure - "mapping": {"enabled": true,"roles": ["role1","role2","role3"],"rules": {"all": [{"field": {"username": ["user1","user2","user3","user4"]}}]},"metadata": {}}...

Current Date format in JSON

Hi Team, We have a requirement to update the current date in description attribute while creating account in AD.  The below format is used to perform the operation but we are receiving the below in description"Provisioned by IAMSimpleTemplateScript89...

Prajna by New Contributor
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Resolved! How to evaluate SAP related SODs defined in SOFY Suite(3rd party) from Saviynt as preventive check.

Hi,We have a client requirement where SAP account provisioning should happen using the Saviynt's OOTB SAP connector, but the preventive/detective SODs check should be performed in SOFY suite (external tool where all the SAP related SODs defined at pr...

AAR by New Contributor
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Username is getting overwritten

Hi,In the Global Configuration > Identity Life Cycle > Register User Form, we have added an attribute called username and value is mentioned as a sql to generate the username. This logic is working fine from the user management > create request and t...

Resolved! Set Value to Multiple User Column in Register User Form

Hi.In Register User Form, I can set the value to user's attribute by "User Column" feature.I want to set the value to multiple user attribute. For example, displayname and customproperty1.Can I realize this?I tried to define as "displayname, custompr...

KK by Regular Contributor
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Resolved! Need information on 'Create Organization Task' in Organization Update Rules

Hi, We have a requirement to perform some group provisioning action based on Organization creation. In the Organization Update Rules, we see an option "Create Organization" Task. What connection can be used to provision this specific task ? I do not ...


V23.x Application Logo in Ars Request

Dear All, There's plenty of posts with the process to have application logos like:Application Logo in ARS Request Access Tile - Saviynt Forums - 9621But once done, they don't look perfect. Example below:I've uploaded as stated in all the posts an ima...

travemole by New Contributor III
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About Organization Settings for Endpoint and Roles

Hi all,I have now added a Role or Endpoint to an Organization, but adding a user to an Organization does not create a task abiut create account or add access of the Endpoint or entitlements in that Role.I think this is the correct flow:1. Create an O...

JPMac by Regular Contributor
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ImportAccountJson - Processing types

In the "ImportAccountEntJson" of a REST Connector what is the difference between the "processingTypes" -1) acctToEntMapping & httpAccToEnt Mapping.2) acctToEntMapping & entToAcct Mapping.Please explain the difference & when we use them, in a short wa...

How can we change the API password in V23.7?

Hi All,In V5.5SP3*, we could able to reset/change the API password for any created user which can be used as a service account for calling Saviynt APIs. For the current V23.7, there is no option for changing the API password.Currently, we couldn't ab...