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Delete Organization

I am trying to delete an organization created for testing, but I see option to mark inactive. Just checking if there is a way to delete org from customer table so that it is not appearing in UI. ThanksVijay

dvijay by New Contributor II
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Cyberark SCIM-based API JOB configuration issue

Hi Team,We have created a CyberArkConnector connector for cyberark SCIIM api. We are facing an issue creating a job to import an account in the JOb control Panel. So, we are selecting the job type as 'Application data import(Multi-Threaded)'We are un...


Resolved! SFTP connection information

Hi,We are trying to create a SFTP connection. Initially it was failing with invalid private key error. However we asked SFTP team to open the SFTP firewall ports for everyone, then the connection was successful.Now we need give the saviynt address to...

HarishG by Regular Contributor
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Elastic Stack - REST API Update Role Mapping

Hello folks,There is this app called Elastic Stack and below is the User to Role structure - "mapping": {"enabled": true,"roles": ["role1","role2","role3"],"rules": {"all": [{"field": {"username": ["user1","user2","user3","user4"]}}]},"metadata": {}}...

Resolved! Select Option of Register User Form do not Work Well

Hi Team. I created Single Select Attributes in Register User Form.In one attribute, I can see selectable option without entering search character.But in another attribute, I can't see selectable option until entering search character.I want to see se...

KK by Regular Contributor
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getUser API returning only 500 users

Hi Team,Using "url": "https://******/ECM/api/v5/getUser" we can get max 500 users in Postman so I understand to increase the displayed number we have to use user pagination but where do we have to use this pagination in Postman.could you please provi...

Sav4sav rest based user import limits

Hi All,We have created a sav4sav rest-based connector and there We have ImportUserJSON block as per below. Here we wanted to know why this block is importing only 500 users.{"connection": "userAuth","url": "https://******/ECM/api/v5/getUser","httpMet...

Dataset in Policy

Hi All,I have created one dataset as per the below name and I want to use this data set in technical rule - object section. sample code 1: ${if(user.location.equals(dataset_values.attribute1) && dataset_values.datasetname.equals('ADGroups')){dataset_...


AzureAd Import Access Error

Hi Team, We see an issue during full import of access for AzureAD. Job is failing due to below error.Connection Name: AzureAD ReconJob Name: AAD_Access_ImportError: "Data truncation: Data too long for column 'CUSTOMPROPERTY6' at row 1" After that, we...

Resolved! Email notification to user group member

Hi Team,We have created a user group named 'Second Level Approval', there we have added some user list. We have created an email template to send the notification to this user group member and we have added this email to the approval workflow.From re...

sandeepverma_0-1692940640288.png sandeepverma_1-1692940704603.png

AdvQuery SystemUsername AutoIncrement

Hi Experts,As per docs Identity Lifecycle Setup ('USER_SYS') we can use...

sandeepverma_0-1687333390030.png sandeepverma_1-1687334108049.png

Saviynt Catalogue - Remove access request Issue.

Hi Experts,The task is not getting created in Saviynt for removing access through Saviynt Catalogue.Suspected issue: Remove Access is getting created/generated in Global Scope (Servicenow Terminology), whereas all other Saviynt catalogue items are in...

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Email Notification

Hi Team,General for all emails I wanted to know if the email for "To section" is not available then have we had any configuration from where we can setup any alternative email in one shot?eg. If have user or manager email for the To section and that ...