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Google Rest API Add Access

Hi,I'm working on the integration between Google and Saviynt. I'm able to do the following tasks- create an account, update an account, add access, and remove access. For Add Access, I've mentioned GoogleGroup as an entitlement type but after provisi...

Mortal by Regular Contributor
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EasyVista Connection Failure

Hello Saviynters !Has anyone worked on EasyVista connection before? I am facing a connection failure with error 443. I will be glad if anyone has a working ConnectionJSON or can help me figuring this out ! Here is my ConnectionJSON:{  "authentication...

saviynt "comments" field in createTicketJSON

Hi experts,  Need help finding the target field for feeding into createTicketJSON. Currently, ${businessJustification} is used, but it may lack context. I'd like to include any additional comments, including manager approval comments etc. added in du...

xu by New Contributor II
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Validation of customer in createUserRequest API

Hi, We are creating identities by utilizing createUserRequest API call. However, identity is getting provisioned after approval even if we send non-existing organization in API call. Is there a way to add validation of customer existence while callin...

dvijay by New Contributor II
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TicketStatusJSON not working as expected

I am looking to create a request in ServiceNow and after running WSRETRY provisioning job for a task in Saviynt. I do not want that task to process and complete until the ServiceNow request is closed. Currently I can create a simple request after run...

Diego by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Need information on 'Create Organization Task' in Organization Update Rules

Hi, We have a requirement to perform some group provisioning action based on Organization creation. In the Organization Update Rules, we see an option "Create Organization" Task. What connection can be used to provision this specific task ? I do not ...


Resolved! WorkPlace Meta Integration with Saviynt

We want to integrate workplace Meta with Saviynt using REST API.It works fine from Postman but from Saviynt getting 403 Error both during Account Creation and Account Import.Error for Recon:2023-05-10/22:30:18.887 [{}] [quartzScheduler_Worker-2] DEBU...