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Resolved! User Interface Branding Configuration - Table

Dear All, Do we know what is the table that hosts the "User Interface Branding Configuration"? Sometime we are facing issues to locate the right labels: Example "Organizations List" = List.ffid.list   And it would be very useful to be able to do it...

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travemole by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Endpoint Dynamic Attributes

I have a few questions about the use of dynamic attributes at the endpoint level. Specifically, I'm using this during the management of service accounts. Is it possible to restrict the 'Account Name' field for service account management to force only...

Resolved! Custom domains

Hello,We just got our hands on the product and one of my leads had a question that I was unable to answer. Also, I am not sure of this is the location where I am supposed to post this. Can we apply custom domains to the instances that we have from Sa...

PaulCotos by New Contributor
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