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Why is everything so unnecessarily BIG in this new UI Framework? It's one thing to optimize UI elements for touch screens so user can interact easily using fingers but this is just overkill, NEO is not optimized for fingers it is optimized to be used...
Saviynt's SOAP connector doesn't use XPATH to parse XMLs, instead it uses a format like this:Body.Create_Position_Response.Position_Reference.ID(@wd:type=='Position_ID')What is this notation called? It is similar to xpath with some changes like it is...
I want to print the "displayname" of the entitlement (AADGroup) being created in an email template.The email is being triggered from endpoint on the completion of "Create Entitlement" task. The application is using "AzureAD" connector and entitlement...
I just want to get an idea how many rules Saviynt can handle without running into performance issues.How many rules can we create without worrying about issues like performance problems and skipped users where rules fail to evaluate?
Are GSP changes preserved during upgrades/patches or will such changes be overwritten with OOTB pages and need to be re-applied?
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