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ASSIGNEDFROMRULE value is cleared after reconciliation

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

I have observed that after each AD Account Import ASSIGNEDFROMRULE values get cleared in account_entitlements1 table.

This is messing with the birthright access revocation, we have checked the condition "Remove Birthright Access if condition fails" but this doesn't do anything as ASSIGNEDFROMRULE has been cleared.

Is this expected behavior of an account import?

I came across this exact same issue in another thread on forums but it's locked now, it doesn't state there if it was identified as a product issue and what is the current status if so.

I tried running Rule Retrofit job after import to fix this, but it has been running now for 14 hours and has not written a single value in ASSIGNEDFROMRULE column. We can't rely on this if it takes this long for a single technical rule (we have around 10 rules with same/higher complexity).

Technical Rule that I added to retrofit job:




This is identified as defect in another client raise support ticket for same

Rushikesh Vartak
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