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ARS Notification

Regular Contributor II
Regular Contributor II

We have a requirement to send emails during the ARS approval process especially when requested for multiple endpoints & entitlement. We are using some dynamic attributes.  if we use ${entitlements} it will print all the requested entitlements in email., (Saviynt documentation says  ${entitlements} is an ArrayList and not a comma-separated string. )

But if we use ${endpoint}, its prints only one endpoint name in case of multiple application requests. Is there any way we can achieve to print all the value .



To get what variables are present to use in the email template, check using the below expression. By putting it in the email body, it will print all variable names with values, and then accordingly, you can use it:

${this.binding.variables.each {k,v -> println "$k = $v" + "" + "br" + ">"}}

Rushikesh Vartak
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