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Account and entitlement import not working in ServiceNow Saviynt app

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor
We have configured a connection between Saviynt EIC and ServiceNow app.
We managed to get the user import, user linking and endpoint import to work.
However, when account and entitlement imports are run, no outbound call is made from ServiceNow towards Saviynt.

From Saviynt side, we can see from logs that the ServiceNow app is logging in and creating tokens, but the tasks end there when it comes to account and entitlement import.
So no accounts or entitlements are imported to the servicenow app even if we run the full import/account import/entitlement import/etc. from servicenow saviynt app.
We have used the basic settings and followed this process here:
This FAQ about servicenow app also did not mention anything that would have helped us:
What should we do next/how to troubleshoot this? 

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi ekorh,

I have reopened your ticket and will be personally assisting you on the ticket regarding the next steps.