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SNOW ticketing integration behaviour with parent/child OR linked tasks

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Regular Contributor


We have been building snow ticketing integration and noticed some strange behaviour. See below for explanation of the issue.

When two tasks are generated as a part of same request or rule, then only one task gets provisioned as a ticket, with some conditions:

  • If both tasks are type 'add/remove entitlement', ticket will contain all necessary info since we have included 'allEntitlementsValues' attribute to the ticketing JSON.
  • But if one task is e.g. 'create account' and another is 'add entitlement', then all info is not added. 

Whereas, if e.g. 'create account' task comes from a separate request/rule and 'add entitlement' task comes from a different request/rule, then both tasks are provisioned as tickets and no problem. 

So, the question is, when two tasks are linked together, how could these two still be provisioned as separate tickets?
In a scenario where 'create account' and 'add entitlement' tasks are linked together, how to include information of those both actions to the ticket?

Thanks already in advance!

Hi, any comments for this?



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