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Hi Team, if user as "AD" account assigned then "X" application should be visible/available for request in ARS screen. If a users dont have AD application then X app should be not requestable or visible in ars.How to achieve this?thanks in advance.
Hi Team,i am trying to create a ticket using a service desk connection. i have 2 API calls and i want to read headers from call1 to call2. i have followed the Rest documentation for create Ticket json. I have tried couple of options but didnt worked:...
Hi Team, In create ticket json am getting an error "unable creation access token" because I have rest connection with token in response headers. I have followed the rest connector doc and tried the below format but am getting an error "unable creatio...
Hi Team, i have enabled debug logs but still i dont see the SOAP response API in system logs. The account got created in target system. But response is not getting logged on logs so that i can create the SUCCESSCRITERIA "ecm-worker","2023-12-22T16:42...
Hi Team,How to add filter in get List of users API similar to  "user.displayname like '%display%'”." Below API: ECM/api/v5/user?q=accountExpired:0,comments like /'\''%Ra%/'\''&fields=firstname,lastname,username&sort=username&order=desc&offset=2&max=2...
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