WSRetry not working when updateAccount provisioning threshold passed

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

Hello, all. I'm trying to set a provisioning threshold to limit the number of updateAccount tasks processed at a time to 5. Whenever I set the limit to a number less than the number of pending tasks, the WSRETRY doesn't run due to threshold limits.

The way I read this doc, I could set a "limit" for 5 tasks and it would have to run WSRETRY 20 times to handle 100 tasks. 

However, on my security system the button is actually labeled "Provisioning threshold" and it does indeed act as a threshold with the error below. Is there a mechanism to limit wsretry on this security system to 5 tasks per run?

Error log:

DEBUG services.ArsTaskHelperService - Provisioning threshold exceeded for securitysystem key = 14 , task-type = 12 , provlimit = 5 , totalTasks = 6


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @KenKoch ,

At the provisioning job trigger level, can you try the below query in the advanced section?

Query -

and at.tasktype in (12) and at.securitysystem=5 limit 5;

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 11.27.20 AM.png

Here tasktype 12 is Update account since your use-case is around update accounts.

Security System key can be found at the Security System level.

Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 11.30.18 AM.png


If you do not see the advance section at job trigger level, then you need to enable the below config in file and restart the service.


I did a spot check in your environment based on your email address and the above is set to false. This will need to be set to TRUE for the current version you are on.