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SNOW as Ticketing System

New Contributor
New Contributor


Hi Team,

Connector Type: Rest
Version: v24.3
JSON attached for reference

Current Scenario:
1. In Saviynt, I submit a Request for an Application-A by adding 4 Entitlements.
2. Then Saviynt creates 4 Add-Access Tasks.
3. Then, after running WSRERTY job, Saviynt creates 1 REQ number at SNOW.
4. Then SNOW creates 1 SCTasks per Entitlement, totally 4 SCTasks will be created.

Actual Result:
To close the Tasks at Saviynt, TicketStatusJSON checks REQ status and closing all the Saviynt Tasks bulkly.

Expected Result:
But I want to close Saviynt Tasks when 1 SCTasks gets closed at ServiceNow.

if this is possible, could you please share a sample CreateTicketJson and TicketStatusJSON

Saviynt Documentation have sample for CreateTicketJson and TicketStatusJSON at Request Level but not at the SCTasks level.



since REQ is created by saviynt only REQ can be closed , creating SC task is internal hence its not possible

Rushikesh Vartak
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