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AD Access import removing group membership

Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

Hi Team,

We have a user assigned to a particular group and only that group we are currently importing into saviynt(by providing groupbasedn with group DN)

what we have observed when we trigger the account import first, we could see entitlement mapped to user account but as soon as we trigger account import, and it is successful all the mapping gets removed(Performgroupaccountlinking param is set to true)


1) do we need to check any other option for this? As it should not remove the linking after access import

2) Account entitlement mapping even shows for inactive entitlement how can we remove that?

Is this an expected behavior?

We have a tight deadline for this ..any suggestions/solution are appreciated..




Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @NM,

You can try to keep the "deleteLinks as false" in status threshold config.

  • deleteLinks: Use this attribute to instruct the connector to remove or retain the association of entitlement with the account. When set to true, association of active accounts with the entitlement are removed. The default value is false.


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@NM refer a sample which can help:


We have a similar issue and added below config

"statusAndThresholdConfig": {
"statusColumn": "customproperty17",
"activeStatus": [
"inactiveStatus": [
"deleteLinks": false,
"accountThresholdValue": 50,
"correlateInactiveAccounts": true,
"inactivateAccountsNotInFile": false,
"lockedStatusColumn": "customproperty17",
"lockedStatusMapping": {
"Locked": [
"Unlocked": [

Manish Kumar
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