ServiceNow API call to Saviynt getting 403 Error on /ECM/api/v5/createUser

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We're working on ServiceNow-Saviynt automation workflows.  We have several things like entitlement management working already using the same service account (still working).

In DEV, we have a working ServiceNow API call to Saviynt to create User, however, the same call is failing in PROD.  Getting error:

"Method failed: (/ECM/api/v5/createUser) with code: 403 - Forbidden username/password combo"

We've standard troubleshooting like verifying the PROD service account (SAV Role) has the same permissions as DEV, specifically to /ECM/api/v5/createUser, refreshing the bearer token, and even more silly things like remove/add the permission and user fromt he SAV Role.

Both our DEV and PROD are on the same version 5.5 SP3.12 so it seems very unlikely we have a version specific issue which I found to be a common response in these forums.

Any ideas about additional troubleshooting we can do?

Thank you.



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee


Can you please try the same /createUser API through Postman with the same service account credential and share the complete response here that will help us to debug the issue?
In case, Postman works as expected then attach the debugLog of the same action through Saviynt.

We're seeing on our end that about 10 hours after this post, the API call just started to work without any additional changes.  When we edit permissions of a SAV Role/User, is there a time delay before Saviynt actually recognizes the changes?

Hi @Anthony 

I do think EIC takes time to make any changes in effect. I will recommend deleting the job trigger and creating a new one for clearing any cache.