Semi connected application where reconciliation can be automated but provisioning is manual

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Q1) Is it possible to achieve this type of integration where target applications reconciliation is automated means Saviynt can connect to a target application database to pull users and entitlements but the provisioning part is manual (application administrator will have to provision access manually in target system)? 

its a very genuine use case but considering Saviynt treats applications as Connected or Disconnected only, how do we achieve such type of integrations?

Q2) While configuring Security System, even if you check "Automated Provisioning" as Disabled, Saviynt UI still allows to select a connection for provisioning which is kind of confusing and similarly for "Recon Application" checkbox.

Can some please answer above questions or point to correct documentation where the significance of these check boxes are explained in detail? I have already followed this documentation "Creating a Security System" on Saviynt portal.


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Hi @GauravJain ,

Keep "Automated Provisioning disabled" and "Recon application enabled" 

UI shows 'Provisioning connection' option but its not manadatory field so you can skip selecting a connection for your requirement and just keep 'Connection'


In the Connection just configure the Import Jsons.






Yes this is possible.

Provisioning Connection should be blank

Access Remove Workflow should be blank

Access Add Workflow should be blank

Automated Provisioning should be OFF

Instant Provisioning should be OFF


Devang Gandhi
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