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Provisioning tasks is completed before ServiceNow ticket is closed

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

Hi team,

We have SNow implementation for provisioning Unix, Oracle, and SQL applications.

We have noticed that when we run wsretry job after task creation, the tickets are getting created in SNOW successfully, but the task is marked as completed immediately.
Ideally, after the first run of wsretry, the task should be moved to the 'Pending provisioning' state and once the ticket is closed in snow, tasks should be marked as completed after running wsretry job.


  • The tasks get marked as 'completed' when we have a connection in the 'Provisioning Connection' field in Security System We have kept this attribute blank at the endpoint level and we have the 'Connection' field populated with the connection we use for recon. But we noticed that after we run the wsretry the first time after task creation, the 'Provisioning Connection' field gets automatically updated to the same connection we have in the 'Connection' field and that might be the reason for the tasks completed before ticket closure in snow.


  • When we keep both the 'Provisioning Connection' and 'Connection' fields empty, the task is behaving as expected - after the first wsretry, tickets are created in the snow, and tasks marked as 'Pending Provision' and after the ticket is completed in snow, we run wsretry again in Saviynt, the tasks in Saviynt gets marked as Completed.


  • But we cannot remove the 'Connection' field from the security system because this is required for our reconciliation.

Thanks and Regards,

Gopinath R.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Please create support ticket for this in freshdesk with version and logs if possible.