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External Jar Job failing in Saviynt

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We have made an external Jar Job which pulls groups and accounts from a resultset of an analytics query of entitlements which have been made in Saviynt through the API but are not yet provisioned to AD.

The external Jar Job then creates a new createrequest to create this group in AD with the members it needs (All through API calls).

This Jar job works perfectly fine when we run it from our code editor. The problem appears when we try to add this in a Job.

Steps we have taken:

- Make a JAR file of the java file.
- Add the JAR file to Settings --> File Directory --> External JARs
- Restart the application
- Make a Invoke External Jar Job with these parameters.


The full_class_name_with_package is the name of the jar file I uploaded.
The Method_Name is an alias I made. I don't know if this has to be anything specific?
The Arguments shouldn't be neccessary for this JAR Job but it didn't seem to work without them so I added some.

Can someone give us some more information on how this works?



Hi @Caesrob 

In full_class_name_with_package, you need to provide fully qualified classname i.e  package name + classname

Whereas, in Method_Name, provide the only as is name of the method from where you want to start your code execution.

Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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