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We restricted requestable entitlement by adding query under entitlement type. But we found that this entitlement is reqeustable via API. Is this something expected? If we apply access query in endpoint, I remember API returned error when trying to ma...
Hello we are applying reqeustable entitlement config in each of endpoint needs more than 255 chars in query. but this field seems 255 length limitation.Could we change this field to longtext field? 
HelloI want to create a role showing only selected analytics Here is access I assigned to new sav roleAnd it has following report access only But when this role access Analytics tab, it shows all reports. which access should be taken off to show only...
Questions Is there a way to apply Deprovision Access for selected endpoints only in User Update Rule in new version? Or, Revoke selected entitlement only.. we don't want to manage all this activity with analytics report any longer if possible.. Thank...
HelloWe are checking with our CSM as well. but can anyone confirm if the feature below is part of IGA module or we need to purchase TPAG module to use this feature in global config in v2022?  
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