Term and Zero Day Limit Notifications

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Is there a way to trigger notifications/alerts when we've reached term or zero day limit on user import? My understanding is that task are not even generated at all once we've gone over the threshold, so having some form of notification would be helpful. 



Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

This is an enhancement. Please can you raise this in the ideas portal.

Link: https://ideas.saviynt.com

Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @GOE 

Can you please explore the below options, please?

Option 1
Set up analytics by querying the 'ecmimportjob' table(table which records the job status with comments in case of job failure etc.) for any keywords for this scenario.

Sample query(Please write an optimized query referencing the exact JOBNAME, TRIGGERNAME, etc.):
select * from ecmimportjob where COMENTS like "%Number of users terminated % are higher than the configured%";

You can find additional keywords that you can use in your query below...

To validate that this solution works, you can first try these queries in Data Analyzer to see if you are getting any results for relevant keywords from the link provided earlier. You can then configure the analytics.

Option 2: Please refer to the "Configuring Import Job Failure Notification Email" section of the documentation below

We currently do not have any OOTB feature 'specifically' for notification when the import has exceeded the default term limit(100) or if it is beyond the configured zero-day limit during a user import.

I have created an enhancement request in our Idea portal for the same. Please feel free to vote(to gain popularity), and add any comments or additional details about this.

Link to enhancement request: https://ideas.saviynt.com/ideas/EIC-I-4397

Note: The enhancement requests are subjected to our product team's review and acceptance...