[Rest Conn] Condition in Disable Account Json to auto close tasks not working post SP 3.18 upgrade

Please refer to this ticket on how we autoclose tasks on REST connectors based on conditions.
when the connection in a call is blank, then the tasks get auto-closed. So we use the condition in both URL and connection params and when it results in blank, system auto closes the task.
We have been using this for past 2 years now in all rest connector json blocks. Disable, Create, update account, etc.,



  "call": [
      "name": "call1",
      "callOrder": 1,
      "connection": "${(user?.employeeclass.equals('FTE')?('acctAuth'):('')}",
      "url": "${(user?.employeeclass.equals('FTE')?('https://abc.com'):('')}",
      "httpMethod": "POST",
      "httpParams": "{\"name\": \"email\",\"value\": \"${user.email}\"}",
      "httpHeaders": {
        "Authorization": "${access_token}",
        "Accept": "application/json",
        "Content-Type": "application/json"
      "httpContentType": "application/json",
      "successResponses": {
        "statusCode": [



Post v5.5 SP3.18 upgrade, this logic doesn't work in disable account json but works to close tasks in other jsons. Appreciate the assistance. 

Logs for the issue can be referenced in the freshdesk ticket - 

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Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @Sivagami 
Analyzing the if-else condition in the JSON, I see that there is a bracket missing in the condition.
Please try with the below  condition:

  "connection": "${user.employeeclass == 'FTE'?'acctAuth':''}",
     "url": "${user?.employeeclass =='FTE'?'https://abc.com':''}",



Thank you 
Vedanth B.K

Hi @Vedanth_BK - My bad with the example. I actually altered the original condition for example purposes. The original condition syntax is all good but still the task is stuck in pending. You can reference the logs in the ticket for more clarity - https://saviynt.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/1628139