Conditional Certifying & Future Revoke Test

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New Contributor III

Hi - looking to understand if this is the desired functionality for the following scenario:

We observed in a User Manager certification, where a role was conditionally certified to be revoked on a future date, the pending task was created to revoke on that future date set. However, before that date was reached the user was terminated and we have a user update rule in place to remove all roles on termination. The task from the conditional certification remained as a pending tasking and the role was not revoked from the user on their termination date. 

Is this intended? and this there any way to enforce the user update rule immediate revocation to act despite their future removal task set. 



Why don't you try this action when a person gets terminated in your update rules in addition to the rule revoking all application access.




I have tried to use this "discontinue pending task" in a very simple scenario in a user update rule and I see the rule is getting ran but I can't get any pending tasks to discontinue. Does some kind of job need to be ran with it or is there another step here that I might be missing?

No jobs are required to be run.



Doc Reference -

If you find issues and the tasks aren't getting discontinued, I would suggest logging a freshdesk ticket for the support team to check.