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We had a situation arise where a few new accounts were not being provisioned due to them already existing in Active Directory. Other new account tasks came through and were also not being provisioned despite not existing in AD, but once the older tasks were discontinued, these tasks went through.

When a New Account task is created, and entitlements are added by technical rules, do those Add Access tasks count towards the New Account threshold? We created our provisioning thresholds around the frequency of New Account tasks being much lower, but if the child Add Access is counted towards the New Account threshold we need to increase it.

I couldn't find documentation on the specifics of each threshold, does anyone have insight into this?



, do those Add Access tasks count towards the New Account threshold? - No ,It considered under Add Access.

Under security system - Provisioning Threshold


Rushikesh Vartak
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Thanks for the quick response.

So even if the parent task is a 'New Account' task, all the child tasks are not considered towards the NewAccount threshold?

The comments we have on one of the existing tasks is 

ZERO DAY [07-18-2023-total task count (68) is greater than defined limit (50)]
The only provisioning thresholds we have set to 50 are NewAccount and DisableAccount.

Does Saviynt have any documentation that goes into more detail about provisioning thresholds than what you linked? 

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Hi @msteeves ,

Provisioning Threshold configuration present under Security System.


Provisioning Threshold

The provisioning threshold is a value set on the application level to restrict processing tasks if the number of tasks exceeds the configured provisioning threshold. The default value set is 5000 for any type of task in Provisioning Threshold.

To add the provisioning threshold value, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Add button. The Add Provisioning Threshold window appears.

  2. Select Task Type for which you want to set the provisioning threshold.

  3. Select your desired Provisioning Threshold.
    You can also set the provisioning threshold for multiple task types using icon.

  4. Click Save.

For example, when Provisioning Job (WSRetry Job) executes and if the number of remove access tasks is greater than the provisioning threshold set at the application level, then job skips to process the remove access tasks for this specific application.



Pandharinath Mahalle(Paddy)
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