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LeanIX - Saviynt Integration

New Contributor III
New Contributor III


Saviynt version - EIC. 

We have a unique requirement for integrating Saviynt with LeanIX. Below are few bullets:

  1. Saviynt should call LeanIX APIs (support GraphQL) to pull the data. 
  2. This data should be updated in application Endpoints within Saviynt.
  3. Finally, if a new application is onboarded in Saviynt, the data should be written into LeanIX (this will come in a later phase).
  4. The data should be updated in Saviynt on a scheduled basis

LeanIX will store application specific data.

We would like to understand:

  1. Since this is not an actual application onboarding into Saviynt, what would be the best and most suitable solution to address such kind of a requirement?
  2. We read through various posts (e.g. GraphQL API Support - Saviynt Forums - 53111) that GraphQL doesn't support pagination. Is this still the case or pagination support is now available?

  1. You can explore custom extension here.
  2. This is not accepted by product team yet

Rushikesh Vartak
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