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How to Use dynamic attributes in Birthright provisioning tasks

New Contributor II
New Contributor II

The 3rd bullet point of this post on the forum https://forums.saviynt.com/t5/ars/various-usage-of-dynamic-attributes/ta-p/37329 states the following:

3.How to Use dynamic attributes in Birthright provisioning tasks

  • Define dynamic attributes at the endpoint.
  • Specify SQL query or default values to be populated into the Dynamic attribute.
  • Use the dynamic attributes in the create/update account JSONs.

My question is if this also works outside of the Access Request System? In other words, can create/update account tasks triggered by User Update Rules also make use of dynamic attributes?

Our use case is to update an account attribute with the property value(s) of entitlement(s) assigned to the user (within the same endpoint). We have solved this with an analytics report and the Saviynt for Saviynt REST connctor, but if there's a simpler design, we're always eager to learn.

Many thanks for your contributions.


Regular Contributor III
Regular Contributor III

I dont think that the custom property of entitlements assigned via user update rule will get added to the account attribute on task completion. 


That is typo. Birthright in sense of when access is granted to application from access request as birthright. 

Rushikesh Vartak
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