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Create/Update/Delete Azure Sharepoint sites and File shares

New Contributor
New Contributor


We are looking at options to trigger creation/update/deletion of Azure SharePoint sites and fileshares from Saviynt. The AAD group management capability support the equivalent for Teams channel.

Ideally, user requests AAD group creation in Saviynt (oob), selects the option "SharePoint site" and submits. Saviynt would use the AAD Graph API to create the SharePoint site with 2 groups: 1 for read-only access and 1 for read/write.  Same logic for fileshare.

I don't think this is possible today, even with deep customisation. We are looking at triggering the SharePoint site creation from AAD side triggered by AAD group created with specific attributes.... but ideally would prefer to centralise the solution in Saviynt.

QUESTIONS:  1) can you confirm that is not possible today?   2)if confirmed, do you have a plan to add such feature as part of your roadmap?  or at least to make your REST API connector less restricted so that we can customise it and achieve the above?



Anthony Mornet


This is not supported currently refer :

You can raise Idea feature request 

You can use standard REST API and if Graph APIs are available you should be able to achieve this requirement or you can have custom jar for same.

Rushikesh Vartak
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