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Hardware components assignment through Enterprise Roles in Saviynt

New Contributor
New Contributor

The reason of this post is to gain some insights on a problem that is key to our project. We want to implement in our Saviynt tenant a system through which some users will be able to request hardware components (laptop, screen, mouse) for themselves or other employees. Also, for some specific components (smartphone), an approval from a third party (a group of users) will be needed.

The approach we considered until now, and which we have already implemented, was to create an endpoint of a fake or virtual Security System and associated with IT Material, being the entitlements associated with this application the hardware components to be requested and assigned. However, when a certain hardware component is to be required for a user, an account should be firstly created for that user in the IT material application, which might not be very intuitive for the end user. Also, we are finding some obstacles following this approach, as we should probably create another endpoint just for the Hardware that requires a third-party approval. Hence, we would like to consider other options.

Another simpler approach we are considering is to associate the hardware entitlements to two possible enterprise roles. The first role would be associated with the hardware components that do not require an approval of a third party, whereas the second role would be related to the hardware components that are conceded upon the approval of a third party. This would be our preferred option, but we would like to confirm our thoughts with inputs from the forum. Also, if possible, we would appreciate some guidance on how to implement it.

Also, we are open to other possible approaches to deal with assigning and requesting hardware virtually through Saviynt.



What will be end results, it will be disconnected application, Just for inventory we are using saviynt ?

Rushikesh Vartak
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Hi @jofre 

As per my understanding, you want to use Saviynt as a request/approval system for raising requests for some physical objects like laptop, mouse etc.

Do you have service now or any other ticketing system in your environment. If you have a ticketing system, then you can refer to the ServiceNow as a Ticketing System ( where the Saviynt will work as a request/approvals for provisioning and the tickets are created in the SNOW and manually fulfilled by the the ticket admins.

You can create disconnected endpoint. However, Saviynt cannot automate the request fulfillment. It has to be done manually. Neither accounts/nor any other access can be automatically provisioned by Saviynt to the physical assets. 

1. What is the end goal for the requirement -is it just for the requests/approvals?
2. Do you have an existing application where the virtual representation of the physical assets is there, or some kind of ticketing system is there?

Dhruv Sharma
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