GCP REST connector refresh token expiring

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

We have setup a REST connector for google cloud platform for one of our customers. We followed the Saviynt guide to get a refresh token and use this in the connectionJSON. This worked fine on Friday. 

I tested it again today to import some accounts and it seems like the refresh token had expired. Job log:


When i did the process of getting a refresh token again it worked. Is there a way to make sure the refresh token does not expire?


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hello @Caesrob,

You can use:- 
Renew Access Token and Refresh Token using Single API: In this OAuth mechanism, the access and refresh tokens expire after a time period, and the latest refresh token is used to regenerate new access and refresh tokens. To regenerate these tokens, specify the values for the following attributes: refreshTyperefreshTokenResponsePath, and refreshToken.

Renew Access Token and Refresh Token using Different API: In some OAuth mechanisms, access token and refresh token both expire after a certain time period. After the refresh token is renewed, you need to place a call to obtain the new refresh token to use it for obtaining the new access token. To regenerate a token, specify the values for the following attributes: refreshTyperefreshTokenResponsePathrefreshTokenrefrshTokenAuthErrorrefreshTokenErrorPath, and refreshTokenCall.

For Ref: