Error while generating an email via email template

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New Contributor III

Hi Team,

We are using below email template.

The request#: ${requestid} for ${user.firstname} ${user.lastname} has been completely or partially rejected for: ${endpointDisplayName}.

Please contact your manager if you have questions about why this access has been denied. If you have other questions or need help with the IT Service Desk.

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${endpointDisplayName} is not working we are getting an error as below


we are using ${endpointDisplayName} as it is from the documentation. 


could we use any other variable to get the endpoint displayname?

What could be the issue why ${endpointDisplayName} is not working?

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Aditya Chadde



${endpoints} use this variable

Hi @rushikeshvartak,

We are using it but we have test endpoint name and real display name so if we are using this test endpoint name is coming so to get the endpoint display name we are using ${endpointDisplayName} but it is not working

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Aditya chadde

Since variable is not exposed you need to use variable suggested above

Ok, but this is an issue rushikesh.

We have Menulink Test as an endpoint name so in every email it is showing Menulink test instead of Menulink. Since it's dev so it's fine for now.

Best practice is to use same same as display name and endpoint name

Try below script in email body and see if your issue resolves

${this.binding.variables.each {k,v -> println "$k = $v" + "<" + "br" + ">"}}

Ok, thank you

I will try this and confirm.

Best Regards,

Aditya Chadde