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Email generation Rule advanced config not generating '@'

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Hi Team,

Recently we have noticed that the email generation rule advanced config is not generating '@' in the email address generated.

The config is given below: 

concat(lower(users.firstname),".",lower(users.lastname),"") - this is giving the result as - instead of which is the expected outcome.

Can you please confirm if this is some known issue or if there is some error in the configuration. The same happens for further unique email generation as well where it appends 1 to the lastname but the '@' is not getting generated. I am trying to upload user via csv file and checking the generate email checkbox as well. version - v2021.0

@rushikeshvartak @sahajranajee 


New Contributor III
New Contributor III


escape @ in the special characters then go for advanced config tab.