Create AAD Group does not create a Create Team task and the Create Entitlement doesn't complete.

New Contributor III
New Contributor III

I am using an Azure AD Connector and the CreateGroupJSON, CreateTeamJSON and CreateChannelJSON are set, as done in the connector guide.

The access request module is configured so that Admins can create Azure AD Groups.


When I create an AADGroup, setting the following attributes, a 'Create Entitlement' task is created completes after the running the provisioning task.

- AADGroup Name
- Display Name
- Description
- AADGroup Type
- Endpoint
- Security Enabled
- Mail Enabled

But if I create an AzureAD AADGroup, setting the values above and enabling Teams, and/or enabling Channels, I get the following error in the logs:

ecm-worker 2023-02-15T20:33:50.765+0000 {log":"grails.validation.ValidationException: Validation Error(s) occurred during save():\n" stream:"stdout" time:"2023-02-15T20:33:49.893245451Z"}" 
ecm-worker 2023-02-15T20:33:50.765+0000 {log":"- Field error in object 'com.saviynt.ecm.task.ArsTasks' on field 'users': rejected value [null]; codes [ com.saviynt.ecm.task.ArsTasks.users.nullable.error.users com.saviynt.ecm.task.ArsTasks.users.nullable.error arsTasks.users.nullable.error.users arsTasks.users.nullable.error com.saviynt.ecm.task.ArsTasks.users.nullable.users com.saviynt.ecm.task.ArsTasks.users.nullable arsTasks.users.nullable.users arsTasks.users.nullable nullable.users nullable]; arguments [users ARS Tasks]; default message [Property [{0}] of class [{1}] cannot be null]\n" stream:"stdout" time:"2023-02-15T20:33:49.8932521Z"}"
ecm-worker 2023-02-15T20:33:50.765+0000 {log":"\n" stream:"stdout" time:"2023-02-15T20:33:49.893263891Z"}"
ecm-worker 2023-02-15T20:33:50.765+0000 {log":"\u0009at$_createTask_closure47.doCall(ArsTaskService.groovy:3148)\n" stream:"stdout" time:"2023-02-15T20:33:49.893267311Z"}"
ecm-worker 2023-02-15T20:33:50.765+0000 {log":"\u0009at\n" stream:"stdout" time:"2023-02-15T20:33:49.893271591Z"}"
ecm-worker 2023-02-15T20:33:50.765+0000 {log":"\u0009at$_createTaskForAccountForEntitlementTypeRole_closure80.doCall(ArsTaskHelperService.groovy:4994)\n" stream:"stdout" time:"2023-02-15T20:33:49.893275423Z"}"
ecm-worker 2023-02-15T20:33:50.765+0000 {log":"\u0009at\n" stream:"stdout" time:"2023-02-15T20:33:49.893284682Z"}"

Any idea how I can resolve the problem? If I enable Team, I expect there would be a task for creating Team in the pending task list, but there wasn't one.

How can I hide the Teams and/or Channel radio button in the request form? because they aren't needed by the client. It is currently displayed when I select group Type = Office 365.





seems like product code level issue. Please raise freshdesk ticket