About Organization Settings for Endpoint and Roles

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Hi all,

I have now added a Role or Endpoint to an Organization, but adding a user to an Organization does not create a task abiut create account or add access of the Endpoint or entitlements in that Role.

I think this is the correct flow:
1. Create an Organization
2. Add an Endpoint or Role to an Organization
3. Add a User to an Organization
4. For the added user, an account create task for Endpoint and an Add Access Task for Entitlement included in Role are created.

Can you point out if this flow is wrong?

And what are the Role, Entitlement and Endpoint settings in Organization for?





Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

@JPMac Endpoints, entitlements, roles settings in organization are used for grouping objects under one umbrella. Let's assume, you have a user who is part of a specific org or dept, you can use this feature to configure the objects specific to that org. You can use request rules to provide access to users based on Org settings.