Using Datasets for SAV4SAV(REST)

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Can someone let me know hoe to use Datasets in SAV4SAV Rest connection?

We can use sql queries in SAV4SAV DB Connection in user import. However, since SAV4SAV DB is deprecated, we need to replicate the same in SAV4SAVREST connector in JSON format.


Any links or help would be appreciated


Thanks Rushikesh,

Also, just as how we can trigger Check rules in DB SAV4SAV.

How can we control to check rules or turn them of while doing the same in REST for SAV4SAV.


It should api parameter 


Hi Rushikesh,

Our Saviynt Environment is SAML enabled.

How to do a GET call via postman, I get an error,

"Since your browser does not support JavaScript,
  you must press the Continue button once to proceed."
Thanks in advance.



Please find attached. We get 200 but it's not working



what is url & http method?


It worked. The url was incorrect.

Can you please provide me with a sample code for SAV4SAV REST, wherein based on a dataset value we would be populating the user details. Like if a user belongs to company abc his org unit would be X.

Also, would this code be written in Modify User Json? as we used to write User Import in SAV4SAV DB