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User Disablement when user is not in feed

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi all

We are currently importing our users from Workday using RAAS, and setting the status of the user based on their termination date.  This is all working as expected.

We have also configured the import job with the User Not In Feed Action set to In-Activate. We would expect doing this would cause users who drop off the feed from workday and are no long in the report to be set to inactive.

However, this is not the case and we have users still set to active who we have confirmed as being no longer in workday and not in the report.

Any advice as to what settings/config that might have been missed to allow this action to take place would be appreciated.



@ACrosthwaite did you specify STATUS_KEY_JSON in connection?

"STATUS_ACTIVE": ["false","active"],
"STATUS_INACTIVE": ["true","inActive"]

Configuring the Integration for Importing Users (saviyntcloud.com)


Sumathi Somala
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