Saviynt ServiceNow App missing Run Full Import Button

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In our Saviynt app for SNOW tenant, there's no run full import button. Instead, we see a bootstrap application data button. Is this the same for everyone else, or is there some config we're missing? As a note, the SNOW admins also can't see it so we don't think it's a permissions issue. Not sure, if the bootstrap app data is supposed to replace the run full import button. I don't see anything in the documentation regarding this.


Another thing we've noticed are some inconsistencies between the documentation vs what we actually see. 

For example, in the service catalog properties;

  • There are two Service Requests options in the drop down menu for "Default Service Catalog for new Saviynt roles catalog items"
  • Service Catalog is not an option in the drop down menu for "Default Service Catalog for Removal catalog items". 
  • And for some items, either there are no matches found, or there's nothing to select.

I would like to know if anyone else has noticed this or if there's something we need to change.


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Saviynt Employee

Hi Goodness,

As we discussed, Bootstrap Application Data shows up when the job will be
running for the first time, once the job has run once then the button
shows up as Run Full Import.
And, Saviynt needs to be selected from the dropdown menu for the other question. Attaching the screenshot for your reference.