Reactivate Account in target which is marked as Deleted in Saviynt and Reconn the status

New Contributor
New Contributor

Hi Team,

We have a use-case as below -

Delete Account operation basically used to Inactivate the account in target. In saviynt this is updating the account name to id - Deleted on- <date> and status = SUSPENDED FROM IMPORT SERVICE. After this account import job is not updating the status.

Also, if the user needs access again then we need to reactivate the same id in target. But in ARS we are seeing Request New Access.

Need your help to handle such case


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Once an account is marked deleted in Saviynt, the same account cannot be reactivated and instead a new account is created. You can either create that new account via ARS or in case the account is directly Activated in target, post recon if the Account correlation rule matches, you will see a new Account Entry in the user's profile with Active status. 

inactivateAccountsNotInFile - You can use this attribute (statusAndThresholdConfig) to instruct the connector to mark the status of accounts deleted from the target application as inactive. When you set to true, the status of accounts deleted from the target application are marked as inactive.  These account can then be reused/reactivated once the status is marked active in target.