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provisioningcomments : Account is already Inactive/ Manually Suspended

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

We are using /v5/createrequest to remove an entitlement on a user account, however the tasks are getting discontinued with a message "Account is already Inactive/ Manually Suspended" when the endpoint account is InActive in Saviynt.

Is it possible to change the configuration in Saviynt, so the tasks gets provisioned even on the Inactive account ?

NOTE: endpoint is created through endpoints_filter on the connection.


Saviynt Employee
Saviynt Employee

Hi @RV ,

Thanks for reaching out.

This is currently not possible. There is no such configuration. Ideally, no tasks should be provisioned for Inactive Accounts/Suspended from Import Service.

If the account is in In-Active Status, only Enable Account tasks will be created which will provision the tasks.